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To file a complaint against a specific police officer, you must use the searchable COPWATCH DATABASE, located at

CONTACT INFORMATION: Comments and inquiries should be directed to copwatch_net at yahoo . com . You MUST include the word COPWATCH in the subject line: all emails without COPWATCH in the subject line are automatically deleted.

A succinct summary of the registration requirement:
Registration is required in order to post messages, and is also required to view some but not all sections of the Forum. Registrants will recieve an automated email to which they must reply in order to complete the registration process. Registrants who do not receive an automated email must re-register using a different email account, username and password. If you reply to that email but are still unable to post, then your browser's cookie settings must be adjusted to accept cookies from (details below). Please do not contact us for assistance unless you have first read and complied with this entire FAQ.


Forum Rules
Forum Objectives
Copwatch History
Note to Law Enforcement Personnel
Instructions for posting and commenting on news articles
Privacy Policy
Custom Avatars and User Titles
Cookies and Registration
Surfing for the Paranoid
Posting Options (attachments, smilies, etc)
Rating the Threads
Instructions for adjusting cookie settings
Multiple Aliases
Log-in area


This site is dedicated with respect and gratitude to the honest, courteous, and brave men and women of law enforcement, wheresoever they may be found.

It is also dedicated to the untold thousands of innocent, law-abiding American citizens who have been mistreated, harassed, brutalized or killed by law enforcement officials who are corrupt, incompetent, stupid, petty, self-aggrandizing, abusive, vindictive, brutal, undisciplined, vicious, or any combination thereof.

Such government-sanctioned thugs harm not only the citizens whom they victimize, but also, (less directly), their fellow law enforcement officers, whose reputation and image is tarnished, if not completely ruined, by the misdeeds of their repugnant colleagues. In abusing their authority, bad cops dramatically exacerbate an "us vs. them" mentality, which endangers police and citizens alike.

This resource will focus primarily, (though by no means exclusively), on police officers, since they are the most visible, oft-encountered, and lethal representatives of law enforcement.

In an effort to draw a line in the sand between honorable, admirable police officers and their corrupt, incompetent brethren, we will publicize, analyze, and criticize the misdeeds of the latter, and contrast their actions with the heroic deeds of the former. We will demonstrate that good police officers share more characteristics in common with good citizens than they do with bad cops. Conversely, we will show that bad cops, (colloquially known in some circles as "***s"), have far more in common with felons, high-school dropouts, and sociopaths than they do with either good cops or good citizens. Good cops should thus feel a greater sense of duty and loyalty towards good citizens than towards bad cops.

By undermining the uneasy truce between these two distinct types of cops, we accomplish two objectives. First, we help to counter the well-founded public perception that all cops are unprincipled, malevolent, and gratuitously violent. Second, we begin to weaken the foundations of the so-called called "blue wall of silence", which academics describe as a code of silence akin to the Mafia code of "omerta". Under this unwritten code, police officers are pressured, (often with threats of violence), to turn a blind eye to the misconduct of their criminalistic co-workers.

Please help expose and punish bad cops! Contribute your suggestions, advice, or comments to the email address noted above (the subject line of your email MUST contain the word "Copwatch," or it will be automatically rejected).

You may also post your thoughts on this discussion forum, provided that you a) register and b) comply with the below terms of use.

The Copwatch Forum is brought to you under the aegis of the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which formally confirms the universal right of every man to think and speak for himself.

Police officers and their supporters are welcome to participate, so long as they abide by the Rules described below.

The Copwatch organization offers two interactive web-based programs. Any interested party may avail themselves of these resources:

1) The COPWATCH DATABASE ( is our permanent, searchable, publicly-accessible repository of complaints filed against police officers. You may file a complaint directly, or search through the database using a variety of search parameters.

2) This, the COPWATCH FORUM, provides a venue for networking, exchanging ideas, analyzing current events, and offering opinions on a variety of relevant issues.

Please contact us if you have any difficulties accessing either the Forum or the Database (but ONLY if you have first complied with all the instructions presented below).

We look forward to reviewing your entry in the COPWATCH DATABASE, and to interacting with you on the COPWATCH FORUM.

All material posted in the Forum other than that re-posted under the fair-use doctrine consists of the personal opinions of the poster, (irrespective of any conflicting statement in any given post), and none of the material necessarily represents the views of Copwatch.c, a non-profit entity, (hereafter "Copwatch"), or its agents, representatives, or assigns. does not warrant the accuracy of any material appearing on this site. Copwatch expressly disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, with respect to the material here appearing. No persons utilizing the Forum, including but not limited to those denominated "Moderator", "Super Moderator," "Moderator Supreme", "Assistant Web Editor", or "Media Relations Consultant and Unofficial Spokesman", are authorized to speak for Copwatch.

Neither Copwatch nor its officers, agents, representatives, or assigns engages in, sanctions, advocates, urges, compels, foments, directs, orders, dictates, or otherwise encourages the commission of any illegal acts, including but not limited to disobeying police officers, resisting arrest, protesting outside the confines of a "designated protest zone", wearing a t-shirt which bears an unflattering statement regarding a sitting US President, consuming an alcoholic beverage without having attained legal age, smoking marijuana without a prescription, insurrection, assassination, rebellion, armed revolution, or "hate speech".

Gratuitously disruptive conduct is not allowed. Duplicate postings are not allowed. Flaming is not allowed. Any potentially disruptive post must, on balance, contain a clear preponderance of on-topic, substantive, and logical material. Participants whose productive contributions are regularly undercut by their own unproductive contributions are subject to discipline.

Police officers and their apologists must conduct themselves at all times in a polite and courteous manner. Evincing simplistic and peurile disrespect is not permitted. Adherence to these standards is expected of all Forum participants. However, out of a desire to foster a proprietary and cohesive sense of community, some degree of latitude may be accorded the natural constituency of Copwatch. Hospitality does not require us to be doormats.

Discipline will be administered as follows: Violators will be warned. Repeat violators will be confined to "The Opposition Section", and/or temporarily banned. Chronic violators will be permanently banned.

Posts which are not submitted to the proper topical category may be moved by as appropriate. If, on subsequent visits, you do not see a post you have made, it was moved (such posts can be located using the Search function). For example, NEWS items belong in the appropriate NEWS sub-category. If you repeatedly post in the wrong category, you may be disciplined.


  1. To promote mutual understanding between SOLs* and Copwatch, so that members of Copwatch who engage in our usual activities** will not be victimized by unlawful retaliation on the part of the police.

  2. To promote the universal adoption of the COPWATCH REFORMS.

  3. To catalog incidents involving the misuse and abuse of governmental authority. ***

  4. To amass an ever-growing knowledge-base of pertinent information (legal issues, court holdings, administrative rulings, jurisdictional issues, procedural matters, etc.).

  5. To unite those who are concerned by the misuse and abuse of governmental authority. This objective encompasses the following elements: a) facilitating cooperative efforts among members of Copwatch; b) formulating and sharing effective strategies and tactics; and c) creating a support system for those who are in the midst of fighting police misconduct. Those in the latter circumstance often receive substantial benefits from the advice, encouragement, and assistance provided by Copwatch members who've experienced similar situations.

  6. To provide a backup URL in the event that is again targeted by government censorship attempts.

  7. To offer a confidential venue for disenchanted SOLs to critique their profession and/or colleagues.

_____ Footnotes to FORUM OBJECTIVES ______

* "SOL", or "Sworn Officer(s) [of the] Law" (Acronym preferred over the archaic "LEO", or "Law Enforcement Officer")

** Copwatch activities include Street Patrolling, Observing & Recording, Monitoring, and Protesting.

*** Copwatch is primarily focused on the abuse of "police power", but we also address issues such as judicial misconduct, prosecutorial misconduct, the "war on drugs", jury nullification, bureaucratic tyranny, prison/sentencing issues; anti-Constitutional actions, political malfeasance/cover-ups/corruption; and similar subjects.


Copwatch is an online project of a licensee of the official Copwatch organization, being the direct and only successor in interest of the initial Copwatch association, founded in Seattle, Washington amidst the anti-war and civil-rights activism of the mid-1960's. Included among our boardmembers is a founding member of that original Copwatch organization. Use of the official Copwatch trademark is licensed to Copwatch.c. Sub-licenses may be granted at the discretion of Copwatch.c upon request.

Copwatch has also been licensed to use the domains and

A description of the Copwatch agenda may be found at

This is the fourth incarnation of the COPWATCH FORUM. The three prior versions were forced offline by the machinations of disruptive police officers and their civilian accomplices. We have taken special precautions (partially described below) to ensure that the current Forum does not meet the same fate.

The moderators of this forum wish to make it clear that the purpose of this forum is the free exchange of ideas, with the primary focus being the discussion and reporting of misconduct by law enforcement officers and the recommendation or initiation of (legal) action to stop or prevent such action in both the present and future. Many of the members of the forum have been victimized by police misconduct and brutality in the past; for this reason their views of law enforcement are likely to be extremely negative in tone and content, which is usually quite understandable in light of what they have suffered. For this reason it should come as no surprise to members of the law enforcement community who register as members of the Copwatch forum and who participate regularly in forum discussions that they are frequently the target negative comments from the Copwatch membership. While regrettable, this is clearly due to the nature of general subject matter under discussion, subject matter that frequently invokes heated emotions on all sides of an argument.

While we certainly would like to promote the idea of civil, constructive discussion as much as possible, the tone and content of discussions is driven entirely by the motivations of individual members of Copwatch. For this reason discussions will frequently take place that do not observe the rules of what we choose to think of as �civilized discourse.� This has led to many complaints by our SOL members of �unfair labeling�, �broadbrush painting�, �flaming�, and �non-constructive ranting.� All of these complaints have, at one time or another, been perfectly reasonable and valid. However, it is important that our SOL participants understand the nature of Copwatch and its associated forum and realize that its mission is easily misconstrued as having an inherently �anti-cop� bias.

Registering as a participant here exposes you to people who, based upon their experience with other law enforcement personnel, have no reason to trust you and every reason to dislike you, however wrong their perception of you personally might be. The only way to stand even a remote chance of reaching out to such people and changing their perception of you is to engage them in conciliatory dialog. You might succeed or you might not, but to voice the traditional SOL perspective will get you nowhere, fast. If your intent is to stick to your guns and repeat the standard �party line� that so many Copwatchers who have been victims of police misconduct have heard time and time again, then we believe that you have no reasonable expectation of being treated with either respect or courtesy in this forum. Complaints that you are being ill-treated or disrespected will be met with a deaf ear, a hostile response, or both.

  1. You must, if at all possible, include the URL of the ORIGINAL SOURCE of the article.
  2. Do NOT include any other URL's.

  3. Copy the headline of the article into the "Subject" dialog box. This will reduce the likelihood of duplicate submissions.

  4. Place the article in the appropriate topical or geographical subsection.

  5. Feel free to preface the article with a short comment.

  6. Feel free to highlight the essential heart of the article in red or bold.

  7. Feel free to add your comments to News threads, but keep your comments civil. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

  8. If you are interested in regularly contributing articles regarding issues and events specific to your own locality or particular subject of interest, contact the Administrator and we will create a corresponding subsection of the Forum.

The Copwatch Forum provides many options for customizing and enhancing your posts. For example, you may upload a variety of image files (including .gif, .jpg, .bmp, and .jpeg); you may use avatars and smilies; you may use different font colors and sizes; and much more.

A particularly useful capability permits you to easily quote something that has already been posted. Simply cut-and-paste the text you want to quote, then follow the text with [/quote], including the brackets, and precede the text with [quote], including the brackets. The [quote] tags will automatically indent the enclosed text. See the Technical FAQ and the Usage FAQ for additional instructions on posting.

The owner(s) and operator(s) of the Copwatch Forum and the Copwatch Database will not voluntarily provide any personally-identifying information, or indeed any information at all, to any party, except that emails sent to copwatch(a) may be posted on the Forum along with the name and email address of the sender (unless the sender explicitly requests anonymity). If served with a court order or search warrant, the owner(s) and operator(s) will, to the extent reasonably possible, provide the target of the investigation, if known, with a reasonable opportunity to intervene and quash the warrant or order prior to providing any personally-identifying information. Notification of any such investigation will be provided only to the email address used to register for the Forum- no notice will be provided in person, via the USPS, or by any other method. At their sole discretion, the owner(s) and operator(s) of the Forum may mount their own legal challenge as well. No warranty or guarantee is made that personally-identifying information will remain uncompromised.

Note that we have no means of verifying your self-professed identity. For all intents and purposes, you are whoever you say you are.

If you have over 100 posts, you can use a custom title and/or upload a custom avatar. The maximum avatar dimensions are 100 pixels w and h; 3000 bytes. The maximum title length is 40 characters.

Registration is required in order to utilize the COPWATCH FORUM and the COPWATCH DATABASE. Your browser must also be configured to accept cookies from (for the Database) and (for the Forum). Cookies are used merely to confirm that you are a registered member. We do not track your usage in any manner whatsoever.

A valid email address must be used to register for both the COPWATCH DATABASE and the COPWATCH FORUM. Other than providing you with your registration validation, we will not contact you at your email address, nor will we disclose your email address to any other party. You may use a disposable hotmail account to register. IMPORTANT NOTES: (a) An Earthlink email address will not work. (b) Before you register, make certain that your email inbox is not full. If your email provider rejects our validation email, we will not contact you, and you will not receive the necessary information.

Experience has repeatedly verified that these precautions are an unfortunate necessity. As mentioned above, our opponents have already ruined three previous versions of our Forum. These self-appointed censors would continue to spam the Forum with repetitive, off-topic and/or nonsensical posts were it not for the aforementioned security measures.

We sympathize with potential registrants whose concerns regarding cookies verge on the paranoid, because we ourselves are somewhat paranoid. However, we urge you to look at the issue from our perspective. We cannot allow the cops and their immature allies to sabotage our services yet again. The rudimentary steps described above enable us to foil their attacks. Another reason for requiring registration is the fact that we regularly receive many hits from .gov, .ci, and .mil sites, including the USDOJ, and it behooves us to be cognizant of their participation.

We value your potential contributions, and hope that you will accede to this requirement.

Un-registered parties (and those who do not accept the requisite cookies) are permitted to view only some sections of the Forum. The rest of the sections will inaccurately appear to contain no posts. Un-registered parties are unable to post any comments at all.

The default setting on most browsers is to accept cookies automatically; however, your browser may have been configured to reject cookies. Appended at the bottom of this page are instructions on how to enable cookies for several popular browsers.

If you have installed a cookie-killer program or firewall (such as Ad-Subtract, ZoneAlarm, or Pop-up Stopper), it too must be configured to allow cookies from (for the Forum) and (for the Database). We advise you to familiarize yourself with your cookie-killer program to the extent that you are able to selectively determine the sites from which you are willing to accept cookies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The COPWATCH DATABASE and the COPWATCH FORUM are not integrated. You must register separately and obtain a unique password for each. Each program will send a link to your email address. EARTHLINK EMAIL ADDRESSES WILL NOT WORK. You must follow the link(s) in order to activate your registration(s). If you do not use a valid email address, you will not receive your password(s), and therefore you will not be able to post a complaint to the Database or participate in the Forum.

If you remain concerned about cookies, you have a number of options. You can access these sites from a public computer at a library, internet caf�, school, or community center. Or you can use your laptop, (if equipped with 802.11b capability), to access these sites from any number of free wireless hotspots (such as various coffee-shops, bookstores, campuses, etc). In most cases, these alternatives enable you to surf the internet with total anonymity.

Please take the time to rate the threads you read. Doing so will help other participants find the particularly interesting posts. There is a drop-down menu at the bottom right-hand corner of each thread, and you may rate the value of the thread from 0 to 5 stars. Select 5 stars for something that is truly scandalous and 0 or 1 star for something that is fairly routine.

To determine which browser version you are using, look under the "Help" menu of your browser, and then under "About" [the program]. If your browser does not appear on the list below, please refer to the "Help" function on your browser for instructions.

Windows IE 6.x Browser
    Select Tools
    Select Internet Options
    Select the Privacy tab.
    Select Advanced
    Deselect override automatic cookie handling button
    Click on the OK button at the bottom of the screen.
    Click OK to exit
Windows IE 5.x Browser
    Go to View on the menu bar
    Pick Options
    Click the Advanced tab
    Go down to the Cookies section
    Click "Warn Before Accept Cookies"
    Click OK
    Go to Edit in the menu bar
    Click on Preferences
    Roll down the group labeled Privacy & Security
    Click on Cookies
    Check/uncheck the Disable Cookies radio button
    Click OK
    Go to File in the menu bar
    Click on Preferences
    Under the group labeled Network click on Privacy
    In the section Cookies check mark de Enable Cookies box
    Click OK
Netscape 7.x
    Click Edit on the Toolbar.
    Click Preferences
    Click the Privacy and Security category; expand the list to show the subcategories.
    Click Cookies
    Three options are displayed. Click the appropriate choice:
    Disable cookies
    Enable cookies for the originating web site only
    Enable all cookies
    If you want to be notified when a web site tries to set a cookie, select "Warn me before accepting a cookie."
Netscape 6.x
    Click Edit on the Toolbar.
    Click Preferences
    Click the Privacy and Security category; expand the list to show the subcategories.
    Click Cookies
    Three options are displayed. Click the appropriate choice:
    Disable cookies
    Enable cookies for the originating web site only
    Enable all cookies
    If you want to be notified when a web site tries to set a cookie, select "Warn me before accepting a cookie."
Netscape 4.x
    Go to Edit on the menu bar
    Pick Preferences
    Go to the Advanced option on the Category menu
    Click the check box next to "Accept All Cookies"
    Click OK
Mac IE 5.x
    Click Edit
    Select Preferences
    Under the Receiving Files option, select Cookies
    Under "When receiving cookies:" select the desired level of cookie acceptance
    Under "When receiving cookies:" select the desired level of cookie acceptance
    Click OK to finish
Mac IE 4.x
    Go to My AOL on the menu bar
    Pick WWW
    Go to the Advanced Settings option on the Category menu
    Click "Cookies"
    When receiving cookies: Click "Never Ask"
    Click OK
AOL 8.0, 9.0
    From the AOL Toolbar, select Settings.
    Select Preferences
    Select Internet Properties (WWW)
    Select the Privacy tab
    Select Advanced
    Deselect override automatic cookie handling button
    Click OK to exit.
AOL 7.0 with IE 6.x
    From the AOL Toolbar, select Settings.
    Select Preferences
    Select Internet Properties (WWW)
    Select the Privacy tab
    Select Advanced
    Deselect override automatic cookie handling button
    Click OK to exit.
AOL 7.0 with IE 5.5
    From the AOL Toolbar, select Settings.
    Select Preferences
    Select Internet Properties (WWW)
    Select the Security tab
    Select the Custom Level tab
    Under "Allow Cookies that are stored on your computer" click "Enable"
    Under "Allow per-session cookies (not stored)" click "Enable"
    Select OK, Yes you want to save the settings
For further instructions on how to change your cookies settings, please use your browser's HELP documentation to make the appropriate changes.

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Registered: Oct 2006
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Multiple usernames on the forum

Please do not post under more than a single username.

While we don't have time to check all registrants on a regular basis to ensure that no one is posting under multiple aliases, we will take the time to investigate when circumstances warrant.

When we discover a person using more than a single username, all but one of their usernames will be banned. The remaining username will be restricted to the "Opposition Forum" for an indeterminate length of time and/or temporarily banned. Repeat violators will be permanently banned.

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Registered: Oct 2006
Posts: 13

Logging in to the Forum

The log-in dialog boxes (username and password) for are at the bottom right hand side of the main page.

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Registered: Oct 2006
Posts: 13

Moved posts:

The purpose of these forums is to provide an outlet for the free expression of thoughts and ideas regarding a wide range of topics concerning Law Enforcement, and all users are invited to freely participate. Copwatch retains the right to copy, link or otherwise move submissions to their appropriate, pre-existing forums or to create new forums/threads for submissions that address a previously unaddressed topic. For example: Posts in the Unregistered Forum containing a news article from Los Angeles will be moved to its appropriate pre-existing forum in the News: California forum. Many posts in the Unregistered Forum must, for a variety of reasons, be moved to another section of the forum relatively quickly. If you post in the Unregistered Forum, and your post is not there in a subsequent visit, it has been moved to another section. You may have to register in order to view and/or respond to it.

Deleted Posts:

Due to the large number of posts submitted to the forum, it is impossible for Copwatch to effectively monitor the entire forum. Copwatch retains the right to delete:

    1) Posts that contain blatantly illegal content;
    2) Posts submitted by users that have been warned about a previous violation;
    3) Posts by users impersonating another registered user;
    4) Posts that contain repetitive or other content intended to disrupt.
    5) Posts by a user that has been previously banned due to persistent violation of the User Agreement.

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